Be present (daily faith practice, 3/20/20)

Written by Rev. Craig Moock, Pastor, Rural Chapel United Methodist Church, Galena, OH

As we look at our daily faith practice for today, it is hard to believe that the news of things like schools being shut down came just a week ago.  With that, many of us have been scrambling to make the adjustments which have been necessary over the last week.  All of this chaos can make it hard to be present with the people that we love the most.  These are the people who God has told us are our primary responsibilities for care and relationship.  

So… here it is… take a deep breath, recognize that God is good and put all the chaos aside and be present with your family.  It honors them and honors God.

Oh, and remember to wash your hands.

Blessings and I will catch you on Facebook live on Sunday at 10AM,

Pastor Craig

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