Bask in the sun (daily faith practice, 3/25/20)

Written by Rev. Craig Moock, pastor of Rural Chapel United Methodist Church in Galena, OH

For our daily faith practice, I invite you to bask in the sun today!!!  While you do this, take a moment to ponder that God created this specific star in order to sustain life… all life on this planet.  Contemplate how the sun makes plants grow, makes us feel warm, kills germs and allows us to see all of the beauty around us.  Take a moment to enjoy today’s temporary respite from gray days and praise God for the awesomeness of creation.  What a great way to build your relationship with God.

This brings to mind the video that my daughter and I watched yesterday.  It was a virtual tour of Yosemite.  While watching this, the sun showed the beautiful colors in this most beautiful place on earth.  My daughter looked at me and said, “Papa, I am so glad that God decided to make that!”  Turns out, I am too and we need to Sun to see it and the sun to make all of the beautiful plants there grow.

Blessings and I will catch you on Facebook live on Sunday at 10AM… and remember to wash your hands,

Pastor Craig

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