Study God’s Word with others (daily faith practice, 4/1/20)

Written by Rev. Craig Moock, pastor of Rural Chapel United Methodist Church in Galena, OH

I just got done with the “Mark Extra Credit” study (through Zoom) and for our daily faith practice, I want to commend to all of us to study God’s Word with others. Each of us brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the reading of God’s Word and when we do that in community with others, we always get insights that we would not have gotten on our own. 

In particular, during the Mark Study, we looked at Jesus’ command to his disciples when they went out two by two to stay in the same house the whole time they were in a town.  One of our Bible Study members recognized that this allowed the disciples to go deeper with the family that they stayed with rather than spread themselves thin by staying with many people.  I personally did not think of that and so I learned from someone else as we studied the Bible together. 

How might you study the Bible with someone else?  During this crisis, you could do it over the phone or Zoom and you can get insights into God’s Word that you never would have gotten if you were merely studying on your own. 


Pastor Craig

P.S. We are working on some neat things for Palm Sunday and Easter in order to make those days special even though we will not be able to meet in person.  More info to follow.

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