Notice what is keeping you from God (daily faith practice – 4/7/20)

Written by Rev. Craig Moock, pastor of Rural Chapel United Methodist Church in Galena, OH

As we look to practice our faith daily, one question continues to challenge me.  What are the things that keep me from God?

As it turns out, people of faith have wrestled with that question from the beginning.  The practice of confession in the Roman Catholic tradition has been one way to explore that.  Asking God is another way. 

Funny enough, having our lives radically changed over the last few weeks has also shown many of us the things that keep us from God because they are the things that we turn to in times of stress.  Many of those things would qualify as sin.  Many of them are merely distractions. 

What will you do with the things that keep you from God during this present crisis? 

Holy Week has been traditionally about asking God to show each of us what keeps us from Him.  We will all be more holy when we wrestle to understand those things and to intentionally move toward God.  Will you do that today in light of God’s marvelous love for you?

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