Washing hands and the Lord’s Prayer (daily faith practice, 3/16/20)

Written by Rev. Craig Moock, Rural Chapel United Methodist Church, Galena, OH


If you are anything like me, this whole coronavirus thing has been a little unsettling and I have found myself in need of spiritual grounding.  With that, my goal is to post one faith practice a day that can help us engage God during these challenging times. 

For today, many of us have been told that the way to make certain that we wash our hands for an adequate amount of time is to sing Happy Birthday twice.  What if, instead of doing that, we say the Lord’s Prayer while we wash our hands?  Let’s be honest, we are all washing our hands a lot these days.  If we say the Lord’s Prayer when we do it, then we will be connecting with God a lot and that will help us connect to our source of peace during these challenging times.

God is with us, God is good and saying the Lord’s Prayer when we wash our hands is a great way to remind ourselves of that.


Pastor Craig